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Papa Criolla 1kg /  Yellow Potato
Ajiaco Colombiano 1kg / Ajiaco Soup
Empanada Potato Pack of 15 (375g)
Frozen Lulo Fruit Purée 500gFrozen Lulo Fruit Purée 500g
Chorizo Don Oscar
Morcilla Don Oscar ( Black Pudding)
Arepa Juanito Berbeo Bros  X 4 Units (440g)
Morcilla La Mona / Black Pudding La Mona
Cassava Chips / Croqueta Yuca 1KG
Mini Almojábanas. Pack 6 Units 215 grms
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Arepa Rellena de Queso / Cheese Filled Arepa Pack 4 units
Beef Empanadas  Berbeo Bros Pack 3 Units
Frozen Passionfruit Fruit Purée 500gFrozen Passionfruit Fruit Purée 500g

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