Undurraga Pinot Carmenere 2017 Wine


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A delicious, yet lesser known grape varietal, Chilean Carmenere results in fantastically beautiful, medium-bodied, fruit-forward wines. With gentle tannins, and deep crimson colors, you can expect an array of berries, red fruits, spice, smokiness and earth on both the nose and palate.

Originally from southwest Bordeaux, France, Carmenere finds a hospitable home in central Chile. Today Carmenere grows all over the world, but the best renditions are generally considered to come from Chile. Now, comparatively little Carmenere still grows in France.

Carmenere is very similar to Merlot. In fact, until recently, Chilean wine growers mistook Carmenere for Merlot for decades.

Marca : Undurraga
Envase : Botella 750 cc
Valle : Valle Central
Estilo : Tinto
Cepa Principal : Carmenère
Maridaje/Armonia : Carnes rojas
Grados Alcohólicos: 13.5
Servir: 16 a 18 grados

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