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Mostaneza La Constancia / Mayo-Mustard (200g)
Colombian Aji / Colombian Sauce
Fruco Salsa para Carnes / Worcestershire Sauce
Tricompleto El Rey / Seasoning All Purpose  55gr
Salsa Rosada Fruco  / Tomato - Mayo- (180g)
Salsa de Tomate Fruco Per Unit x 400 gr.Salsa de Tomate Fruco Per Unit x 400 gr.
Sabor de Lena / Natural Smoke Seasoning Sauce
Mayonesa Fruco  / Mayonnaise (380g) 2x1
Salsa de Ciruela La Constancia / Prune Sauce (200g)
Valentina Hot Sauce 370 grams
Ají Amarillo  / Yellow Pepper Paste 355ml
Ají Panca / Ají Panca Paste 355 ml

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